Least Surprising John Edwards Revelation Ever

Gosh, what a… uh… surprise:

For the first time, John Edwards is publicly admitting that he is indeed the father of a 2-year-old daughter conceived with Rielle Hunter, a campaign videographer with whom he had an affair.

In a written statement provided exclusively to NBC News, the former North Carolina senator and Democratic presidential candidate says he’s taking responsibility for the child, Frances Quinn Hunter.

It was first suspected that the baby was fathered by Edwards back when a reporter for the National Enquirer spotted the child chasing an ambulance in her stroller.

Everybody knew it all along, of course. It wasn’t difficult to spot the resemblance:



The baby:


Update: Edwards is in Haiti now. Jesse Jackson is there too.

Shouldn’t we be helping clean that place up instead of adding more slime to an already nasty situation?

Author: Doug Powers

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