Here’s the first line of a letter sent out yesterday from the official propaganda wing of Hopenchange, “Organizing for America,” regarding Tuesday’s “Mary Jo Kopechne Memorial Election” in Massachusetts (I subscribe to OfA’s mailing list mostly for a good morning laugh, as you’ll see):

Yesterday’s disappointing election results show deep discontent with the pace of change. I know the OFA community and the President share that frustration.

There ya go. It’s not that people don’t want what they’re selling, it’s that they’re not selling it aggressively enough. Unfortunately, “aggressive selling” in the progressive sales manual is not-so-subtle code for making the purchase of their product mandatory.

They’re going to try to get their “change” even faster now — gird your coins, America!

This is just a reminder to those who are foolish enough to believe that Tuesday’s election will do anything to slow down the left’s takeover agenda. Precisely the opposite.

Click here for the whole letter — and if you do, click here to buy Pepto Bismol.


2 Responses to “‘Organizing for America’: We Lost Massachusetts Because We’re Not Socializing Fast Enough”

  1. Keyboard Jockey on January 21st, 2010 6:22 pm

    The Sharks In A Feeding Frenzy? There Is Blood In The Political Waters Over This Scott Brown Win In The Bluest Massachusetts. The Kossacks are Attacking Hillbuzz.

    Meanwhile Billy Jeff Weighs In On Hog Futures ;)

    I linked to Monica Crowleys’s article, and post on this topic The Return Of 42. Bill Clinton met with Barack H Obama to give him some advice. I think it’s a mistake to underestimate Bill Clinton at anytime, anywhere but the Obama administration isn’t strong on their learning from history….If I was Barack H Obama, I would be watching my back. On Michelle Malkin’s Blog she has a post up The Kossacks are attacking Hillbuzz, how stupid is this to attack Hillary Clinton Supporters?

    There is blood in the water over this Scott Brown Win…battle lines are being drawn.


  2. Byron Dickens on January 21st, 2010 10:35 pm

    Keep it up, libtards. Keep it up.

    The more you persist in being stupid, the faster normal people are going to win the country back.

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