The President’s Brain is Missing

nullOut of morbid curiosity, I watched President Obama’s “jobs speech” in Ohio yesterday and concluded that it’s amazing that his approval rating is as high as it is (45% in a recent poll).

The guffaws started before the speech even began. The president, who, along with his wife, are continually pushing anti-obesity and healthy eating programs, stopped at Smitty’s Bar & Grill and had burgers and fries with the owner. Obama did his part to point out how junk food shortens your life when he complimented a 98 year old man who likes to eat french fries. Yeah, please pass the salad.

It was hard to get past the fact that Obama thought going to an area of the country decimated by unemployment caused in no small part by the same old big-government “solutions” perpetuated by Obama and his cohorts in Congress was a good idea. Obama’s handlers were shooting for a “General MacArthur going back to the Phillipines” impact, but it was more like watching Captain Hazelwood’s triumphant return to Prince William Sound.

Sheriff Obama also told the folks in the hard-hit community that he was going to “green up this town.” The promise of “green jobs,” which, using the Spain model, means 2.2 jobs lost for every 1 created, was a modest hit among those in attendance who have no firing neurons whatsoever. The message on this front is essentially, “Hang in there you former machine plant workers, I’m extending your unemployment benefits until that windmill blade manufacturing center is open.”

I for one don’t appreciate being asked to sacrifice for Al Gore’s scam, and neither do increasing numbers of Americans.

Obama also seems to believe that employers hire people to get a tax cut. Wrong again. He’s got it backwards. Tax cuts help create a climate where enterprise can thrive, but not one single business owner has ever said to himself “I’m going to hire that guy at $40,000 a year so I can get a $3,500 ‘new hire’ tax cut from the government.” If business owners thought that way, they’d be as in debt as — well, the federal government.

If a business owner hires somebody at $40,000 per year, it’s because that person is going to be worth far more than that amount in the services he or she provides to the company. But that’s in the real world — in the government, you can afford to think the way Obama thinks because you’re not spending your own money in the first place.

Then we’re expected to believe that “help is on the way” for our economy simply because Wall Street bankers are going to be charged a fee (note to the president: We wouldn’t have to struggle to “get our money back” if you wouldn’t have given it away in the first place). “Hire ten more line workers, Willie — Merrill Lynch is paying a service charge to the government.”

Obama also not only touted the “success” of the first “stimulus,” which was a colossal failure (by my measure, but not necessarily Obama’s or the unions that soaked up most of the money), but proposed yet another one in his speech – except this one is called a “jobs bill.” Yeah, the first one was such a huge success that they thought it was necessary to avoid using the same term for the second one. They’re sending the same bank robber back in wearing a different mask and hoping we don’t notice.

Maybe the area of Ohio where Obama was speaking should consider getting a non-existent zip code so they’ll get more stimulus money next time.

Obama used the word “fight” at least 14 times in the relatively brief speech (“brief” compared to Obama’s usual mini-Castro approach to speech brevity). Pretty violent stuff for a passive-progressive personality. And the “I’m going to fight for you” and “I don’t win unless you win” lines sounded like nothing more than a tape-loop of your local slip and fall attorney’s television commercials.

The speech was comically horrible and devoid of any semblance of reality, which means that on the super-generous grading curve of Hope, post-partisan mandate forces me to give it a B plus.

Update: One of my new favorite quotes about Obama comes from the Ace of Spades blog:

Obama didn’t make any errors. Obama can’t make any errors.

What happened here was that “the US” made a huge error, and Obama just raised expectations based on “the US'” defect in thinking.

But is Obama to blame?

Of course not. You are, champ.

Obama’s like Reverse Jesus. You will, collectively, assume his sins so that he is cleansed and untainted.

Author: Doug Powers

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