Does the Search for ‘Ellie Light’ Lead to Hollywood?

The mystery of “Who is Ellie Light” continues. The identity of the author of pro-Obama letters to the editor that appeared in almost 50 newspapers around the world remains unknown.

I searched the campaign donation databases of both Open Secrets and Newsmeat for Ellie Light, along with the names that “Ellie” could be short for (Ellen, Eleanor, Eliana) and came up empty. I find it strange that such a huge fan of Obama wouldn’t have donated even a dollar to his presidential campaign.

What I did discover inadvertently is that actress Judith Light’s middle name is “Ellen,” and she did donate to Obama’s campaign. Light is politically active on LGBT issues, and Obama is considered a good “friend” to that community.

Obama even issued a presidential proclamation declaring June “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month.” Light also celebrated Obama’s inauguration at the Huffington Post’s party last January.

Coincidence? More than likely. I’d be a little more suspicious if Light’s name was on the White House visitors registry. Additionally, none of the letters to the editor by “Ellie Light” seem to focus at all on the LGBT issues that Judith Light works on. Plus, actors egos are usually way too large to allow them to leave their identity a mystery.

For now I have a feeling that if you traced the source of all these letters, you’d end up at David Axelrod and/or Cass Sunstein’s IP address.

Some think “Ellie Light” is a pseudonym for Obama. Re-read the previous paragraph for what that would mean.

“Ellie Light — a third fewer calories than your regular astroturfer!”

Author: Doug Powers

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