Obama Takes ‘Saluting for Dummies’ Crash Course

The secret of success is sincerity. Once you can fake that you’ve got it made.

Jean Giraudoux

Politico reports that President Obama retained the services of an aide to help teach him how to properly salute, and the president practices often. Look for this to culminated in a book called “Saluting for Dummies.”

I’d say it’s about time. I’ll give him credit for realizing he needed to work on it.

For example, here’s a salute — or something like that — from a campaign rally in May of 2008:


Kind of looks like he was trying to drink an imaginary glass of water and missed his mouth. But I can’t really blame Obama for getting confused. Obama saw the “Sign of Progress” salute so much during the campaign that I think he got that mixed up a little with the standard military salute:


But there were times when Obama wouldn’t have any trouble saluting — because he didn’t do it at all:


But lately, thanks to the University of Phoenix’s “Presidential Salute Home Study Course,” Obama’s doing much better:


Here’s something that the progressives in the White House will never understand. It’s not so much that what bothered many people about Obama was that he didn’t appear to know how to salute — it’s that his community organizing, “progressive” past rendered him incapable of understanding why. That is something that can never be coached to a convincing level no matter how hard they try.

Now if you want to talk bowing, the prez has never had a problem in that area.

Author: Doug Powers

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