Sean Penn Praises U.S. Military!

Celebutard actor Sean Penn went to save the day in New Orleans after Katrina, and he’s done the same in Haiti — and at least his boat’s not sinking this time. But the real surprise was that Penn actually offered praise for the U.S. Military — something that can get you excommunicated from the Screen Actors Guild.

As seen below in the interview with Geraldo, the Chavez-loving actor offered high praise for the U.S. Military instead of his usual rhetoric of blaming the military for “inflaming terrorism” around the world.

Wow… if only he’d feel this way about the military when they are in other parts of the world protecting his right to be such a goddam idiot most of the time. But hey, it’s a good start:

As you can probably tell, Penn is also apparently allowing a family of displaced Haitians live underneath his hat alongside a script for Milk II and an autographed cigar box from Castro that reads “To Sean, my BFF!”

Author: Doug Powers

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