TOTUS-Gate: Did Obama Really Need a Prompter to Talk to Kids?

Early last week I posted something that made the ‘net rounds fairly quickly (they’re talking about it on Fox News as I write this — Update: Mark Steyn’s sitting in for Rush Limbaugh this week, and thanks to him for mentioning this site as well) — it was a picture of Obama in a classroom speaking at the “presidential” podium and reading from a teleprompter:


Many thought it was Photoshopped — it wasn’t. I even posted a link to the White House website where a video of the visit was available — and the picture was also available at some other “news” sites. It was a portion of the visit where Obama was announcing some new educational initiative. Before and after that he talked with kids without a prompter.

To provide context, here’s the video of Obama speaking to kids prompter-less, and after that, a video from where the picture in question came from:

The picture I used came from the video in the same classroom when Obama was announcing an educational initiative, and you can clearly see TOTUS in the frame:

Former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino was just on Fox News, and the host asked her if Bush ever took a prompter into a classroom. The answer was essentially no, because there’s a risk that it could end up looking silly.

That risk has been confirmed.

Author: Doug Powers

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