Google Trends: For One Brief, Shining Moment, I Was More Popular Than Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

The always supportive and excellent blogger Vicki McClure Davidson at the Frugal Cafe Blog Zone was good enough to make this catch.

At one point in the Google search trends yesterday, yours truly was the 9th most popular search term on Google, more popular than “Gary Coleman’s mug shot” (13) and “bubble wrap appreciation day” (20). Hard to believe, I know, but it’s true (click to enlarge):


The reason, if you missed it, was because Mark Steyn (sitting in for Rush Limbaugh) mentioned my post(s) about Obama’s teleprompters at an elementary school. Turns out that millions of people listen to that show — who knew?

Thanks to Vicki for catching that. It feel so good to know that, for one day, this blog was more popular than bubble wrap. Hopefully it’s at least half as addicting.

Author: Doug Powers

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