Miss Alaska Takes a Shot at Sarah

At the Miss America competition, Miss Alaska introduced herself by saying, “No, I can’t see Russia from my house.”

Is just another case of Palin Derangement Syndrome that was most likely written by a pageant handler who’s still chuckling about it (contestants write as many of their own lines as Obama does), or just something cutsie to say because it’s Alaska and if you don’t make a joke about the cold, caribou or Sarah Palin, nobody knows what you’re talking about? You make the call:

My guess is that Miss Alaska and/or those advising her didn’t play “know your judges” before saying this, and somebody probably thought it would endear her to the usual set of left-coast judges. She obviously forgot that the moonbat liberal oxygen deprived nutjob Perez Hilton is no longer on the panel, and that Rush Limbaugh is. This might have cost her Rush’s vote — after he was finished dancing to Lady Gaga of course.

Palin herself is no stranger to these things, having competed in the 1984 Miss Alaska pageant.

(h/t FreedomsLighthouse)

Author: Doug Powers

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