Yes, we all know people shouldn’t text while driving — or read the newspaper, or shave, or put on makeup — but is it necessary to create an entire section of the Department of Transportation dedicated to reminding us to use common sense? Yet another waste of taxpayer money (aside from how many government jobs […]

Acquiescence in the name of fear and unity — but mostly fear: A Danish newspaper was accused yesterday of betraying the freedom of the press after it apologised to Muslims for offence caused by its reprinting a cartoon showing the Prophet Muhammad with a bomb-shaped turban. [...] It broke ranks with its rivals to issue […]

It’s clear at this point that no matter how much of the fraud is exposed, people with a vested interest in perpetuating the global warming sham — be it a financial interest or those simply trying to stave off the government’s warming extortionists from descending upon them — will keep pushing it no matter what. […]

NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell did a report on the cost of the most recent Obamacare bill to be thrown on the table. The Obama administration puts the 10-year cost in the $900 billion range, but O’Donnell’s report puts the cost at $900 trillion (which is a dollar more than eighty-hundred kajillion). I think this NBC estimate […]

I had no idea that the U of T had a Hoaxology department, but they must: University of Tennessee Interim President Jan Simek this morning presented a proposal to trustees to award an honorary doctoral degree from UT Knoxville to former vice president and Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore. The proposal was approved by […]

After yesterday’s health care circus under the Blair House Big Top where the Democrats entertained the audience with three rings of amazing sob stories and shuddering any time a Republican read from their actual bill, Stretch Pelosi decided to plunk herself down in front of a camera and a laptop computer to answer health care […]

The Patriot Act was one of the most evil abuses of the constitutional rights of US citizens to ever come along. That was when Bush was president. Now it’s not so bad: WASHINGTON (AP) — The House has passed a one-year extension of key provisions of the USA Patriot Act, the nation’s counterterrorism surveillance law. […]

Our always hilarious friends at “The Nose on Your Face” have the scoop: Some quick investigate reporting by the folks at Daily Kos and Democratic Underground has unearthed a photo of Tilikum, the killer whale who yesterday killed a trainer at Sea World, at a Tea Party event in Omaha, Nebraska. Here’s the damning photo: […]

During today’s dog and pony health care show, President Obama flashed a few moments of contempt, arrogance and condescension (“I don’t count my time because I’m the president“? Please…), but none more than when John McCain spoke and Obama felt compelled brush his concerns aside by reminding him that “John, the election’s over.” Or, to […]

Whack-job Congressman, health-care demagogue and man who casts shame upon military contractors everywhere, Alan “Names of the Dead” Grayson, might have lost sleep once he found out who saved him, but one thing’s for certain: He wouldn’t have turned down the ride even if he had known: Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.), who made his substantial […]

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