Scott Brown Action Figure (Pickup Truck Sold Separately)


Inevitable, I suppose:

Seizing on Brown’s hero status within the GOP following his upset victory in Massachusetts, a custom dolls company has created a new action figure modeled after the truck-driving Republican lawmaker.

The Boston Herald’s Inside Track column reported that will release the Brown action figure on Tuesday.

“He’s a man of action who stepped into the ring, 30 points down, and in just one month does the impossible,” Emil Vicale, head of the Connecticut-based company, told the Herald.

The Beltway buff will come in three different versions.

The “Scott Brown Everyman Action Figure” dresses Brown in jeans, a T-shirt and sneakers. The “2012 Executive” Brown dresses him in a professional, presidential head-to-toe suit.

And, for “adults only,” the “Cosmo Man Anatomically Correct” Brown dresses the incoming senator in … well, nothing except for a tastefully placed fig leaf. That one is a send-up to Brown’s infamous 1982 Cosmopolitan photo shoot.

The most striking similarity between the action figure and the real guy is that neither one can get seated in the Senate.

But eventually, in your Massachusetts Senate collection, the Scott Brown action figure will officially replace the Ted Kennedy action figure:


The most realistic political action figure ever was the Bill Clinton — but only because of the “Warning: Choking Hazard” label:


Author: Doug Powers

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