Napolitano on Super Bowl Security: The System is Working

From the “things that don’t really make me feel any better” department this morning, we find this:

US Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano gave an unprecedented seal of approval to Super Bowl safety measures on Monday after a stadium tour and a detailed look at preparations for Sunday’s game.

“I didn’t have any (advice) to give,” Napolitano said. “They looked well prepared for the game. It all looked fine to me.”

Napolitano also said she’s looking forward to the event because she’s a big baseball fan — and we can now be reasonably certain that the big game is protected from any threats from Michael Yon and Joan Rivers.

But seriously, Janet was in Miami checking on security, so that explains why she missed the meeting in Washington where she was going to be asked to explain security lapses. Fans going to the game should feel safer already.

Author: Doug Powers

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