Palin Derangement Syndrome: A New Low, Even for Andrew Sullivan

Let’s see… Rahm Emanuel called some people “f—–g retarded,” Sarah Palin said he should apologize (which he did), and Andrew Sullivan is now saying that Palin doesn’t have a leg to stand on because Palin mocked people with mental disabilities long before Rahm Emanuel did.

How did Palin mock people with mental disabilities? That’s a simple one: Todd and Sarah Palin named their son “Trig” because it’s some sort of code for Down Syndrome:

The medical term for Down Syndrome is Trisomy-21 or Trisomy-g. It is often shortened in medical slang to Tri-g.

Is it not perfectly possible that the very name given to this poor child, being reared by Bristol, is another form of mockery of his condition, along with the “retarded baby” tag? And does the way in which this poor child was hauled around the country on a book tour, being dragged out in front of flash photographs in the middle of the night, barely clothed, suggest someone who actually cares for children with special needs, or rather sees them as a way to keep the spotlight on her?

C’mon, Levi. Write that book. Expose this fraud.

Or… now stay with me Andrew… but is it not even more perfectly possible that “Trig” could be a Norse word which translates to to “strength, bravery and victory” — or that Trig might be named after his great uncle who was a Bristol Bay fisherman?

Good lord, what a reprehensible uber-douche.

Of course I’m only assuming Sullivan wrote that, but it’s entirely possible that he didn’t.

Author: Doug Powers

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