An Alternative to the Failing $6.7 Billion ‘Virtual Fence’ at the Border

More money down the crapper, but I’ll present an alternative plan after you read about the latest pile of wasted taxpayer money:

(CBS/AP) An ambitious, $6.7 billion government project to secure nearly the entire Mexican border with a “virtual fence” of cameras, ground sensors and radar is in jeopardy after a string of technical glitches and delays.

Having spent $672 million so far with little to show for it, Washington has ordered a reassessment of the whole idea. The outlook became gloomier this week when President Barack Obama proposed cutting $189 million from the venture.

Call me crazy, but if the government had $6.7 billion to spend on securing the 2,000 mile border, to hell with “cameras” — They could have hired 8,000 guys (one guard per quarter mile), given them all guns and $83,000 a year for the next ten years, and told them to blow away anything that jumped the border. It would be far more effective, and there’s nothing virtual about it.

At least this way we’d get better border security and a nice “jobs stimulus.” What have we gotten for the $672 million spent so far? A few bureaucrats hopelessly entangled in security camera wire and red tape while illegals hurdle over them into the U.S.?

So what’ll it be — virtual government fence, or non-virtual guys-with-guns fence? The choice is clear:


Author: Doug Powers

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