‘Scott Brown, You’ve Just Won Ted Kennedy’s Senate Seat, What Are You Gonna Do Next?’ — ‘I’m Going to the Bar!’

Considering who Brown is replacing, this seems only appropriate:

Scott Brown’s first stop after being sworn into the Senate Thursday afternoon — the Dubliner.

An ITK spy spotted the Republican senator from Massachusetts sitting near the window of the popular Capitol Hill watering hole at 6:45 p.m., less than an hour after Vice President Joe Biden finished administering the oath of office.

Brown was drinking Guinness and being serenaded by Irish tenor John McDermott, according to our spy.

It may be a long night for the new senator: Brown’s supporters were planning a celebration at the Union Pub later on.

Hopefully Senator Brown doesn’t get so loaded that he wakes up on the morning and realizes that he voted for Obamacare.

On a different note, here’s Joe Biden just after Brown’s swearing in saying he wants to talk to Brown about his daughters. Damn, this would be a lot funnier if Bill Clinton had said it:

Author: Doug Powers

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