And the ‘Best Timing for a Resignation Speech’ Award Goes To…

…Former Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Scott Lee Cohen:

Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Scott Lee Cohen, a Chicago pawnbroker whose surprise primary win last week was followed by scandalous revelations about his troubled past with a prostitute ex-girlfriend, said Sunday night he would quit as nominee.

“For the good of the people … I will resign,” a tearful Cohen told reporters at a news conference he chose to hold at a Far North Side bar during halftime of the Super Bowl.

Why did Cohen choose halftime of the Super Bowl to resign? Because the 4th of July fireworks show over Chicago or the 7th-inning stretch of the World Series aren’t for months, and that’s too long to wait.

Hopefully The Who was playing “Won’t Get Fooled Again” when he resigned — a song that should be the taxpayers’ anthem heading into the November elections.

You know, things like this could stain the good name of Chicago politics.

Author: Doug Powers

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