The Obama Curse is Lifted! Plus, Those Horribly Offensive Tebow Ads

You know, I actually feel good that the Obama Curse has been lifted. The president was 0-5 in campaign endorsements/sports related picks, so I had to go with the odds and choose Indianapolis after he picked the Saints to win.

It was getting hard to watch, but Obama finally pulled one out. Good news for Harry Reid? We’ll see after Obama visits Nevada later this month.

On a separate note, how about those horribly offensive Tim Tebow ads? He tackled his own mother in one of them, which of course prompted some to complain of the “violence against moms” in the ad. Yeah, Tim Tebow should have been violently ripped from the uterus and murdered so he wasn’t alive years later to fake tackle his mom in a benign advertisement for life.

Here’s the other Tebow ad. How terribly offensive. What’s this world coming to?

Author: Doug Powers

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