Atlanta’s train system, called MARTA, started using color-coded lines last fall to help people navigate the system. What could possibly go wrong in a city loaded to the gills with professional activists who get paid to find reasons to be outraged?

The “Yellow Line” answers that question:

Asian-American activists offended that MARTA re-named the train line into the heart of Atlanta’s Asian community the “yellow line” will take their objections to the transit agency’s chief on Friday.

“Yellow,” as a term for skin color, carries a generally negative, racist connotation among Asians.

MARTA officials were warned by an employee before the name change last October that Atlanta’s burgeoning Asian community would find the term for the line to Doraville offensive.

“Historically, it has had a derogatory intent,” said John Park, an attorney with the nonprofit Center for Pan Asian Community Services in Doraville, just down the hill from the Marta station. “It physically paints a very unattractive picture. I don’t consider myself ‘yellow.’”

Park and other Asian activists plan to meet Friday with MARTA CEO Beverly Scott. They hope MARTA will change the line’s name from yellow to gold.

Change the name to “gold”? And offend those of us who can’t afford gold? Talk about catering to the wealthy! Wait until the poverty advocates get hold of these people!

Michelle Malkin is Asian, and she of course thinks this “controversy” is silly — but her skin is thicker than tissue paper, unlike activists.

What’s next? Obviously the “brown line” has to go also, as it’s offensive to both African-Americans and/or people who don’t wipe their butts very well.

“Green line” reeks of frogophobia and needs to be done away with, as does “red line” (offensive to commies), “white line” (implies a caucasian-only train), and “Walk the Line” (it mocks my fellow drunken Irishmen who sometimes are unable to do so).

And check this out… buried deep in the above story there’s something that shouldn’t be surprising, but is nonetheless:

MARTA employs 13 people in its diversity office. They focus on equal opportunity in employment and disadvantaged business and perform some community outreach.

MARTA has 13 people in their diversity office and not one could keep MARTA from calling it the “yellow line”?

I’ve never seen a city train system with more “diversity” employees than people who actually operate the trains.

This just in: The hits keep on coming — somebody from MARTA’s diversity department found a box of Spic n’ Span under the sink and hispanic activists are planning a protest in Atlanta as we speak.


3 Responses to “‘Yellow Line’ Train Offends Asian Activists, People with Bladder Control Problems”

  1. Rick on February 9th, 2010 5:18 pm

    “Light rail” seems to be the Big Govt crowd’s root solution to city’s problems with retaining viable populations(read suckers).

    PBS aired a show that spent two hours making the case that light rail down the middle of Woodward Ave. in Detroit would save the city. They showed film of the city from the era prior to “de riotz”.I don’t think they realize the point they made.

    Speaking of racial issues in Hotlanta…To locals,MARTA has long stood for Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta.

  2. RayinVA on February 12th, 2010 4:38 pm

    The Washington DC Metro yellow line goes through Chinatown, and has since its inception. Nobody complained and nobody's died. Imagine that.

  3. Doug Powers on May 19th, 2010 10:34 am

    Persons who are not from the deep South should at least make an effort to educate themselves on the local issues there, especially those involving race relations, before spouting off about things they do not understand.

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