Entomologists Expose Beetles to Rush Limbaugh

Entomologists are working on ways to control tree-destroying beetles, and since these guys are obviously liberals, they figured they’d try to annoy the bugs by blasting the Rush Limbaugh Show into trees:

Richard Hofstetter, an entomology professor at Northern Arizona University who worked on the project, told Discovery News that “the most annoying sound” his colleague, Reagan McGuire, “could think of was Rush Limbaugh or rock music.”

McGuire started to pump the sounds of Limbaugh into portions of infested tree trunks brought into their lab, but Hofstetter said McGuire “could not bear listening to Limbaugh, so he ended up playing Rush backwards, which still kept the voice and intonation the same, but the words were meaningless.”
He and his colleagues found that while Limbaugh and the heavy metal initially bothered the beetles, the insects mostly ignored the sounds after a while.

I tried the same method to scare liberals out of my wallet, but it didn’t work.

The one entomologist must have a certain amount of anger toward his parents for naming him Reagan, don’tcha think?

Hopefully Rush finds out about this and figures out a way to say something so when the entomologists later play it backwards, they hear “Richard Hofstetter is the devil!” That’d freak them clear out of their Birkenstocks.

In the end though, the beetles not only didn’t stop destroying the trees — but now they also want Obama to fail. Way to go, guys.


The entomologists’ experiment did see limited success because some beetles, after exposure to Limbaugh, stopped consuming trees long enough to attend tea parties

(h/t Newsbusters)

Author: Doug Powers

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