Democrats Were Against ‘Global Warming Causes More Snow’ Before They Were For It

In law enforcement, the police know that the likelihood of a suspect being guilty rises each time the suspect changes his or her story. Enter global warming peddling Democrats.

In just the previous couple of years, as evidenced in the video below and by RFK, Jr. as well, Democrat after Democrat has cited low snow levels of evidence of global warming. Now they tell us that record cold and snowfalls are the evidence of global warming (implied message: “Go run that gas-powered leaf blower and save the polar icecaps!”).

Here’s a parade of Democrats who were against “global warming causes more snow” before they were for it:

Even “Bill Nye the Junk Science Guy” is on the “global warming is causing these blizzards” bandwagon. Bill said that if you don’t agree with Al Gore, not only are you wrong, but you’re unpatriotic.

The “global warming” argument has devolved into a paradox — self-contradictory scam artists and unwitting dupes they’ve brought on board posing as patriots and saviors of a fragile world, and the only thing they need to save you from yourself is your money. This is why they’re called “green jobs.” Given the amount of BS that’s being shoveled, they should be called “brown jobs.”

It’s actually hard to believe that they’re still trying to sell this tripe. It’s like watching a perpetual loop of Death of a Salesman with Al Gore playing the part of Willy Loman.

Author: Doug Powers

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