Dana Perino: Bush Would Have Fired Me If I’d Have Acted Like Gibbs

Remember when Robert Gibbs tried to make a little funny at Sarah Palin’s expense by showing some writing on his hand at a press conference?

As evidenced below, Dana Perino, George W. Bush’s Press Secretary, said that Bush would have fired her for making a “joke” like that. Does this imply that Bush didn’t have a sense of humor? No, but it does imply that Bush had a lot more class than almost everybody in the Obama administration.

Bush didn’t consider his bully pulpit — or that of those who spoke for him — as a place to “go after” private citizens, no matter how vocal their opposition. This is something that tinpot dictators, third world thugs and Mussolini-esque rulers do. Frankly, sometimes Bush didn’t defend himself to a fault in order to uphold this principle.

You’d think Obama would at least be telling Gibbs to knock off the swipes at Palin, given how their last battle against a private entity went — so who won that Fox News vs. Obama war anyway?

I think Obama should have fired Gibbs as well, but for a different reason. Gibbs shouldn’t be fired because it’s classless for a White House Press Secretary to mock a private citizen from the podium, but because he so easily took the bait:

By the way, Robert Gibbs is now using Twitter, for those of you who like to be lied to, but in 140 characters or less.

(h/t FreedomsLighthouse)

Author: Doug Powers

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