Hopenchange-Bypass: Obama Statue Removed From Indonesian Park


In December, a statue depicting Barack Obama as a boy was unveiled in an Indonesian park.

It didn’t take long for a petition to begin to circulate to have the statue removed from the park, and now that’s exactly what has happened.

From “Hope & Change” to “Nope & Re-arrange” in three short months:

JAKARTA, Indonesia – Authorities removed a statue of Barack Obama from a park in the Indonesian capital due to a public backlash and moved it Monday to a nearby elementary school that the U.S. president attended as a child.

The bronze statue, inspired by a childhood photograph of a 10-year-old Obama in shorts with a butterfly perched on an outstretched thumb, had been targeted by critics since it was erected in the Jakarta park last December. Detractors argued that an Indonesian hero should have been honored instead, noting that Obama still could pursue policies that hurt Indonesia’s interests.

The statue will probably be removed from the school before too long just as soon as local parents object to their kids standing around the statue chanting “Barack Hussein Obama, Mmm Mmm Mmm!”

I stand by an earlier prediction that eventually the statue will end up at its rightful location after having been purchased from Indonesia by an, um, “anonymous buyer”:


Author: Doug Powers

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