Problem With Hillary’s Plane in Saudi Arabia, Gen. Petraeus’ Plane to Serve as Pantsuit One

Hillary Clinton once called General Petraeus a liar during the halcyon days of Democrats smearing US military leadership, but now she has no problem hitching a ride with him to avoid flying commercial:

Hillary Clinton’s plane is stuck on the tarmac in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, my colleague Amie Parnes hears.

A State Department official confirms Clinton’s plane is delayed, but wouldn’t specify what’s causing it.

Parnes hears, and reports cite Clinton saying that there’s some sort of fuel valve problem with her government plane.

Fortunately, the AP’s Robert Burns writes from the scene, Centcom commander Gen. David Petraeus was also “in the neighborhood, and he’s stopping by to pick her up.” Petraeus will hop over from the capital Riyadh to pick up Clinton in Jeddah.

I’m hoping that Hillary was on the tarmac waiting for Petraeus’ plane, and she called the General, asked him when the plane was arriving, and Petraeus replied, “It’s not coming — I lied.”

CBS News’ Mark Knoller reports that there isn’t enough room on Petraeus’ plane for Hillary’s butt and all of her staff, so they’ll have to fly commercial.

Hillary was in Saudi Arabia to meet with King Abdullah:


Say what you want about Hillary, but least she didn’t bow like you-know-who.

No confirmation on what exactly caused the mechanical problem with Hillary’s plane, but there’s a rumor that Bill Clinton was spotted in Jeddah with a hot blonde in one hand and a pair of wire cutters in the other.

Author: Doug Powers

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