Barney Frank Explains Congress’ Worst Job Approval Poll Ever: Voters are Idiots

Hope and Change continues to fill me with hope for change:

Thirty-four percent of voters queried think members of the House and the Senate ought to be re-elected — while an astonishing 63 percent were in favor of throwing the bums out, the new CNN poll showed.

That’s the worst performance for Congress in the history of the network’s polling.

I’ll believe the nation will “vote the bums out” when I see it, but until then, Barney Frank’s take on the poll is that you and I just don’t know what we’re talking about:

“People are almost in a parallel universe,” Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) said yesterday. “They are not getting a common set of facts and most of the people they talk to are those who agree with them.”

Of course we only talk to people who agree with us, Barney. It’s hard to find anybody who disagrees that Congress sucks — Except for members of Congress. People tried to show up to your townhall meetings to talk to you, but you didn’t like it, so what’s an electorate to do?

Don’t you love how the government is the entity that lives on another planet when it comes to reality, but we’re the ones living in a parallel universe?

Frank’s “Common set of facts” is poli-speak for the ability to spread lies without objection or evidence to the contrary — In other words, “and we would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for Fox News, right-wing bloggers and you darn kids believing them!” Voters are rubes who can’t be trusted to be presented with two sides to an argument and choose which one is correct. We’re so stupid that we don’t even realize that the stimulus worked wonders — which is the Jedi mind trick that every liberal tries to use to brainwash the people standing in the unemployment line.

Oddly enough, voters are starting to get insulted by this ivory tower Elmer Fudd and his crooked colleagues.

How bad is it for Dems? President Obama is in a virtual tie with nobody when it comes to the 2012 election.

Author: Doug Powers

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