Congrats to Michelle Malkin: Hot Air Sold to Salem

Sounds to me like congratulations are in order:

CPAC hasn’t even officially started and already its making news. Mediaite has learned that leading center-right web site Hot Air has been acquired by Salem Communications for an undisclosed sum. Sources close to the deal claim that Michelle Malkin, the conservative pundit and sole owner of Hot Air, has been in talks with Salem for some time, but the announcement was timed to coincide with the Conservative Political Action Conference, which opens tomorrow in Washington D.C.

Hot Air is one of the biggest, most influential conservative sites on the Web and was launched on April 24, 2006, with Michelle Malkin as founder/CEO (though she remains editorially focused on her own blog and her own writing and television appearances.)

That’s great news for Michelle and everybody involved with Hot Air. They’ve worked incredibly hard to build a quality product and their success is well deserved.

As a blogger who occasionally pops up on Hot Air — and Michelle is also good enough to let me guest blog at her own site when she’s going to be out for any extended period of time — I initially wondered if the sale would culminate with Hot Air taking a different direction and ruining everything that made it worth visiting. That doesn’t appear to be the case though.

Salem Communications specializes in conservative media, so hopefully they stick to the formula that was used to make Hot Air such a success in the first place. My only concern is that Salem also owns, and that site is clunky as hell in my opinion, and has some incredibly annoying pop-ups, so if there’s any change, I hope it’s that Salem makes Townhall more like Hot Air, and not vice-versa.

Congratulations again to Michelle and the Hot Air crew. It’s nice to see good things happening to good people courtesy of the free market.

Now we can sit back and wait for Joe Biden to count Hot Air as “jobs saved or created” by the stimulus.

Update: Ed Morrissey has more.

Author: Doug Powers

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