Friendly Reminder: Loon Who Crashed Plane Into IRS Office Wasn’t a Tea Partier

I thought I’d mention this before somebody started saying that the lunatic who crashed an airplane into an IRS office in Austin, Texas was a teabagging right-winger, but… oh wait, too late:


Anyway, like I was saying, before anybody at the Democratic Underground or somewhere else has a chance to say that this guy was a Palin and Cheney following teabagger, I want to point out that … oh crap… wait a minute


Um, in any case, anybody who takes the time to read Joseph Stack’s manifesto will realize that he was a depressed mental case who hated Bush/Cheney, was anti-corporate, anti-church, thought the American medical system needed fundamental change and loathed private health insurance companies.

The last time I checked, most of those things aren’t large planks in the Tea Party platform.

So, before anybody else has an ignorant kneejerk reaction


Okay, nevermind.

Author: Doug Powers

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