The ‘Ya Don’t Say’ Moment of the Day: Obama Says He Didn’t Always Do His Math Homework

It’s all starting to make sense now:

A math teacher at Friday’s town hall asked whether Obama, as a high school freshman, got math homework every night and if so, did he complete it.

The president’s answer: “Yes, and sometimes.”

As Obama’s math acumen demonstrates here and here and here and here and here (or his grasp of history, gym, spelling, and geography for that matter), I’d be surprised if he did any homework. But it doesn’t really matter if Obama did his math homework as long as his voters didn’t either.

How fortunate for Obama and his administration that accounting is an “inexact science”.

In a related math story, there’s a debate going on in Obama’s Treasury Department as we speak. Let’s join it now live:

Author: Doug Powers

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