Today’s Fortune: There Is No Escaping the Government


You can’t even top off a dinner of Chinese food without hearing from the government anymore:

SEATTLE, Feb. 18 (UPI) — A Seattle fortune company cookie has unveiled a line of cookies bearing messages on behalf of the U.S. Census Bureau.

Tsue Chong Co. said the five census messages, revealed during a Thursday ceremony, will appear on the flipside of 2 million otherwise commonplace fortunes inserted into the cookies, The Seattle Times reported Thursday.

The fortunes, including messages that “Real Fortune is being heard” and readers should “Put down your chopsticks and get involved in Census 2010,” will appear in cookies distributed to restaurants and stores in Washington, Oregon, Montana and Idaho, the company said.
The cookies are part of the government’s $320 million media campaign to promote participation in the April 1 census.

It’s uncomfortably symbolic that, given how China has much of the country by the shorts, the government is now sending us messages through Chinese food. Maybe it’s a roundabout way of paying off what we owe them.

Author: Doug Powers

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