Obama Sponsors School Contest: First Prize? Obama, Naturally


Though I realize that having a President of the United States come speak at your school would be a cool thing, the offer comes across as yet another grand exercise in narcissism when you watch the accompanying video featuring Obama announcing the first prize of his “Race to the Top” challenge: “Me!”

The White House and the Department of Education have announced a new Race to the Top High School Commencement Challenge and are inviting public schools across the country to compete to have President Obama speak at their graduation.

Second prize: An Obama t-shirt, provided you agree to be buried in it:

This reminds me of the public service announcement for the NFL and “United We Serve” that of course centered on Obama. This guy makes Terrell Owens look bashful.

Judging from this story that ran last September, the “do something right and I’ll grace you with my presence” thing is a family venture:

The first lady has issued a challenge to a DC University [Georgetown]. Finish 100,000 hours of community service this year, and she’ll speak at graduation.

This administration is modeled after the cover of “Tiger Beat” magazine — “Win a dream date with your favorite Obama!” Once the covers are opened though, you’ll find that there’s far more substance in Tiger Beat.

Author: Doug Powers

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