Scott Brown Drives Pickup Truck Off Dike Bridge With Taxpayers in the Back

Wow, that honeymoon lasted about as long as my New Year’s resolution to stop calling Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi “Plugs” and “Stretch.”

In Glenn Beck’s CPAC speech Saturday night, he said that there’s little difference anymore between Republicans and Democrats. Bill Bennett said Beck was completely wrong. Yesterday, Scott Brown helped prove him right — and by “him” I mean Beck:

WASHINGTON, Feb 22 (Reuters) – A modest job-creation bill advanced in the U.S. Senate on Monday as the chamber’s newest Republican bucked his party and sided with Democrats on a $15 billion package of tax cuts and highway spending.

Republican Scott Brown joined four other Republicans, 55 Democrats and two independents to overcome a procedural hurdle that sets up a final vote later this week.
Brown said the bill was not perfect but would help put people back to work.

As far as I’m concerned, Scott Brown just drove his pickup truck off Dike Bridge with the taxpayers in the back and fled the scene.

But here’s what’s most troubling about Senator Brown so far:

“I hope my vote today is a strong step toward restoring bipartisanship in Washington,” he said in a statement.

Restoring the country to financially solid ground? Nah. Restoring the economy via the government backing off and easing the burden on the private sector so real jobs can be created? Nuh huh. “Restoring bipartisanship” so we can keep swirling down the toilet with Democrats and a few Republicans agreeing to ride the wave with their arms in the air and yelling “Wheeeee“? Yep.

Republican definition of “bipartisan”: Republicans joining with Democrats.

Democrat definition of “bipartisan”: Republicans joining with Democrats.

I’d wager that the people in Massachusetts didn’t vote for Brown to “restore bipartisanship” in Washington, but I’m not really surprised by this.

Of course, this is simply a procedural vote, and Massachusetts voters could make his phone ring off the hook and influence him before the final vote. Tell him there’s a new spread in Cosmo in it for him if he changes his mind.

Brown is supporting “Stimulus II” — and the first stimulus was so incredibly successful that the Democrats changed the name to “jobs bill” and claim it’s nothing like the first one (any ad guru will tell you that when you’re trying to sell the sequel to something really popular, the first thing you do is strip it of all it’s branding). The “jobs bill” is Stimulus I in the federal witness protection program. Thanks for falling for it, Senator Brown.

Author: Doug Powers

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