EPA Admin: Just Because It’s Not Getting Warmer Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Getting Warmer

Hoax of the Century update

Is it hot in here, or is she crazy?

(CNSNews.com) – Fifteen years with no statistically significant increase in global temperatures does not mean that the human race is not causing the climate to change, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson told CNSNews.com on Tuesday.

Jackson reasserted her faith in manmade global warming in response to a question from CNSNews.com asking if she agreed with the recent statement by prominent climate scientist Phil Jones that there had been no statistically significant global warming since 1995.

Are you gonna believe her, or your lying thermometer? This “the less evidence we have the more aggressively we need to move” stuff is getting really pathetic:

Side note: Why aren’t we seeing Al Gore in the forefront defending this embattled “settled science” with all his might? Quite possibly on the advice of legal counsel.

Author: Doug Powers

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