Growing Trend: Union Jobs Must Be Saved for Reasons of National Security, So Just Shut Up and Pay Us Unless You Want to Die!

Labor unions, facing the growing reality of having priced themselves into near extinction, realize they’ve milked their employers about as much as possible, so recently they’ve been forced to turn to getting state and federal funding. How so? Every union job is being made a “national security” issue.

Even Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign to curb child obesity uses “national security” as a selling point, when if fact it’s only a way to funnel taxpayer money to big labor. The auto industry’s union bailout was an issue of “national security” as well.

Now the Transit Workers Union in New York, faced with massive job cuts from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority due to huge budget problems, is crying “national security”:

NEW YORK (CBS) – The MTA’s sea of red ink has claimed more victims. Top brass at some of the MTA agencies will loss their jobs in a massive job cutting program to save $50 million. MTA chairman Jay Walder refused to talk about the cuts or when they will take effect.

The cuts will include 600 administrative employees, some very high up, and up to 500 subway station agents.

The plan to cut the station agents seems to be the most controversial. Union officials said the agents have been added to station security at a time when terrorists like Najibullah Zazi are trying to attack them.

You’ll notice that unions never offer to take pay cuts (or even wage freezes) on their often ridiculously overblown salary and retirement packages for the sake of national security — it’s not that important.

As a matter of fact, just last year, the union won arbitration and strapped the MTA even further, thus ensuring massive layoffs:

The mud is already flying just days after an arbitration panel handed down its ruling on the contract negotiations between the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Transport Workers Union Local 100 (pdf).

The workers won an 11.3 percent wage increase over three years and a reduction in their health care costs, over the objections of transportation officials who said the cash-starved authority did not have the funds to cover the added costs. The authority has not ruled out service cuts or fare increases as a consequence of the ruling, which officials said would cost the authority an additional $350 million over three years.

Some commentators are furious that the authority has been forced to pay its workers more despite the bad economy and its own stark financial problems. Others say that the transit workers deserve the same treatment as other city employees, who received similar raises from City Hall.

That was just last year mind you. And when’s the last time the private sector saw an average of nearly 12-percent wage increase?

It’s well past time to legally force public unions to make their pay packages on par with private sector performance — maybe then the union porkies and politicians would give a damn.

My guess is that these 1,100 layoffs will be re-absorbed in the next “jobs bill.” That way, Obama and Biden can count these as “jobs saved or created” by the stimulus. Their little trick is to be both the cause and the effect while taxpayers are caught in the middle.

Obama and his union pals create the conditions for the necessity of public layoffs, then you get to subsidize the re-creation of the financially unsustainable job. Obama takes credit for being a savior of the economy while private sector industry goes down the tubes.

This is brilliant, provided the goal as far as “national security” is concerned is to turn the US into a third-world cesspool that isn’t worth attacking.

It’s ironic that union thugs and their political accomplices are using “national security” as an excuse to milk the public trough like a rapidly dehydrating dairy cow, because these days, big labor is an entity America needs to be protected from instead of by.

Author: Doug Powers

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