Congressman Critical of Military Contractors Gets His Butt Saved By Military Contractors

Whack-job Congressman, health-care demagogue and man who casts shame upon military contractors everywhere, Alan “Names of the Dead” Grayson, might have lost sleep once he found out who saved him, but one thing’s for certain: He wouldn’t have turned down the ride even if he had known:

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.), who made his substantial fortune by suing military contractors and later lambasted them as a lawmmaker, was indeed evacuated from Niger by personnel working for Xe Services (the private security empire formerly known as Blackwater), his spokesman confirms.

Earlier today I reported on the testimony of Fred Roitz, an executive vice president at Xe, at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Blackwater subsidiary Paravant. In his prepared remarks, he stated: “Xe Services, through its subsidiary Presidential Airways, provides aviation support and medevac services to Defense Department personnel in Africa. Just last week, our personnel evacuated a congressman from Niger during civil unrest.”

This sure seemed to fit the description of Grayson, who was traveling in the country last week when a military coup erupted. The lawmaker was quickly evacuated out the country to neighborhing Burkina Faso. “The flight was arranged through the State Department,” Todd Jukowski, Grayson’s spokesman, told me. “The Congressman did not know, and frankly did not care, who owned the plane.” Later, Jurkowski followed up with an email confirming that Grayson was flown out of the country on a “Xe helicopter.”

Heh. Reminds me of the Hollywood left that petitions to get cop-killers released from prison, but guess who they call when a nut-case shows up on their doorstep?

Hopefully later a health insurance executive will push Grayson out the of path of an oncoming car and completely ruin his week.

(h/t Wired)

Author: Doug Powers

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