University of Tennessee to Give Al Gore Honorary Doctorate in Hoaxology

I had no idea that the U of T had a Hoaxology department, but they must:

University of Tennessee Interim President Jan Simek this morning presented a proposal to trustees to award an honorary doctoral degree from UT Knoxville to former vice president and Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore.

The proposal was approved by the UT Board of Trustees Academic Affairs and Student Success Committee, but the proposal will go before the full board for final approval this afternoon. Trustees are on the UT Martin campus for their winter board meeting.
Trustee Doug Horne said Gore “has been a leader and a courageous Tennesseean.”

“I can’t think of anyone … who is more deserving,” Horne said. “We need to realize that we have recognized other public leaders … every leader deserves more praise than they get.”

Well, at least every Democrat leader deserves more praise, isn’t that right Mr. Horne?

Hopefully the staff at Knoxville’s McGhee-Tyson airport is readying a spot for Al’s private jet and there’s plenty of parking on campus for Al’s limo convoy, because it’s imperative that the students hear his message about the need to dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions.

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Author: Doug Powers

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