It’s easy and legal — all you have to do is convert to Islam.

Jason Mattera approached Senator Al Franken and asked him about a several billion dollar provision in the Obamacare bill that covers playground equipment. Franken asked Mattera to produce that passage in the bill, and Mattera did. Hilarity ensues as Franken suddenly turns into Nathan Thurm, a character ironically performed by one of Franken’s fellow former […]

Of course you might have heard the ad — the government’s spending millions of dollars to air it — but if you haven’t heard the ad, you might have seen it on a bus: The government is spending millions of dollars of our money to remind us that, without the census, the government wouldn’t know […]

Much of the media is reporting President Obama’s announcement that he’ll open up many U.S. offshore areas to oil drilling as a reversal of something he criticized McCain/Palin for saying they’d do if they ended up in the White House, but obviously the political motivations here trump any economic reasons: “The Obama administration is proposing […]

This is just like the “tomayto vs. tomahto” thing, except it’s “You say socialist, I say… well, socialist“: In part two of my exclusive interview, I asked the Vice President whether we can afford these tax cuts, given the country’s massive federal deficits. Biden’s view is that we can’t afford not to do them: “We […]

Frankly, I think that the left-wingers in charge of Washington right now absolutely love to hear the private sector begging and complaining that’s going on, and as such, the more people plea with them, the more aroused they become. Think of the current administration and their left-wing accomplices in Congress as political bestialists who are […]

Even Cindy Sheehan knows which president is currently keeping our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the psychotic, under-medicated marshmallow peeps at Code Pink still have a score to settle with former members of the Bush administration: KCAL: About 100 fans came out to hear Karl Rove at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills Monday […]

Pro-Obamacare Dembots threw eggs on a tea party bus a couple of days ago, but the debate is still mainly focused on a spitting incident from a week earlier. At the Capitol the weekend before last, was the saliva that flew from the mouth of a “tea partier” and onto Rep. Emanuel Cleaver done on […]

The annual presidential tradition will continue this year — except this time it may involve mom jeans and a teleprompter: President Obama will throw the ceremonial first pitch on opening day at the Washington Nationals’ game vs. last year’s National League champions, the Philadelphia Phillies, on Monday. The visit marks the first time the president, […]

Somebody get Frank Rich on the phone — Michelle Malkin just posted this: Just obtained this from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Philadelphia: Today, a two-count complaint and warrant was filed charging Norman Leboon with threatening to kill United States Congressman Eric Cantor and his family, and threatening to kill Congressman Eric Cantor, who is […]

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