Rally in Massachusetts to Ban Word ‘Retard’

Anybody else think this is getting a little ridiculous?

BOSTON (FOX25, myfoxboston) – Friends of the intellectually disabled are pushing to ban the word “retard” in Massachusetts.

Today, soldiers of the Anti-R Movement will stage a pledge drive at the State House.

They’ll be collecting signatures from those who want the word removed from everyday speech.

On Wednesday, students plan to hold an anti-r word rally at Winthrop High School.

This comes several months after White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel used the offensive word to describe an ad campaign proposed by liberal allies.

How silly. A ban on “retard” would have serious consequences on safety charts:


On products we use:


On engine diagrams:


On gauges:


Certain foreign films would have to be banned:


And of course Rahm Emanuel would have to be banned (there’s an upside to every ban, I suppose):


The example below is a little too close for comfort as well, so the soldiers of the anti-R movement may soon be lobbying to have this removed from all public schools:


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