Will Michelle Obama Not Endorse Her Husband in 2012 Because He’s Still Smoking?

Michelle Obama, it’s been written, wouldn’t have supported her husband’s bid for president if he wouldn’t have quit smoking:

US President Barack Obama might have never run for the presidency if he had not secured wife Michelle’s backing by agreeing to leave smoking.

The Race of a Lifetime, a book by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, gives the depth of Michelle Obama’s opposition to her husband’s White House run.
The book claims Obama would never have run without his wife’s backing. It was only after he promised to quit smoking, be home on Sundays and attend his daughters’ parent-teacher meetings and music recitals that she finally swung behind his bid.

The only question remaining is whether or not Michelle “Let’s Move” Obama will support her husband’s re-election now that everybody knows he lied about quitting:

Barack Obama is still struggling to kick smoking, according to his first medical examination since becoming president.

Obama is sensitive about his cigarette habit and tetchy with reporters who raise it. But after his 90-minute medical at the Navy hospital outside Washington yesterday morning, his doctors confirmed he had not yet managed to conquer the habit and suggested he “continue smoking cessation efforts”.

Obama said he quit smoking in 2008, but, just like closing Gitmo, not raising taxes on the middle class, tougher lobbying rules, ending no-bid contracts above $25,000, dramatically changing the provisions of the Patriot Act, health care for all, Hope, and of course Change, promises are made to be broken.

Actually Obama did admit during a June 2009 press conference that he does fall off the smoking wagon on occasion.

After that press conference, Obama decided once and for all to quit… having press conferences.

Author: Doug Powers

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