Palin vs. Romney: A Late-Night Primary

Tonight, Sarah Palin will be talking about tea partying and writing notes on her hand with Jay Leno, and Mitt Romney will be with Letterman discussing the economy and mixing it up with rappers on airplanes.

I suspect I know who will win this particular evening’s ratings war:

Jay Leno made news when he announced that Sarah Palin will be among his high-profile guests when he returns to The Tonight Show next week (aka “The Jaysurrection”). Now David Letterman’s lineup for next week pits Mitt Romney against Sarah Palin on Tuesday night — and the ratings may well provide clues on which probable GOP presidential contender may be most popular.

One thing’s for certain: I’ll be asleep then — but I’ll be DVRing Palin. And it’s not necessarily because I don’t want to see Romney, but because I can’t stand watching Letterman do political interviews.

My guess is that Leno wins the night by at least 20%.

Author: Doug Powers

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