Postal Service May Ration Mail Delivery: Welcome to a Glimpse of Your Possible Government Health Care Future

The government corners like an aircraft carrier in dry-dock, and as such is incapable of keeping up with business trends (or, possibly worse for you, with medical trends), but this is an indication of the same mindset that might someday be in charge of your health care, and the inevitable rationing thereof:

The U.S. Postal Service plans to propose Tuesday an adjusted mail service schedule, which will likely cut Saturday delivery. The agency will also suggest closing some branches and expanding its use of self-service kiosks in grocery stores and other popular retail spots, as part of its effort to work its way out of a mountain of debt.

USPS posted a $3.8 billion loss in its 2009 fiscal year, the latest in a multiyear string of whopping losses. Mail volume was down 12.7% for the year, a trend the agency expects to continue over the next decade as more consumers opt for online bill payments and message delivery.

Maybe they should just have doctors deliver the mail. That way we’d all get our mail and have a doctor who comes around every day — except weekends and federal holidays.

The USPS is supposed to be self-sustaining. Obama has said his health plan must be self-sustaining as well. The problem with government running self-sustaining programs is that eventually the self that isn’t sustained is you.

Obama himself warned of government’s inability to compete with the private sector when he spoke last August about how well UPS and FedEx have fared against the delivery service the government runs. Somehow this was supposed to make us more comfortable with the government running the health care system:

I haven’t seen a sales pitch that counterproductive since James Garner had a heart attack while filming a “Pork: The new white meat” commercial.

Author: Doug Powers

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