The People in White Coats Have Come for Obama… Again

This was the scene today at President Obama health care speech (transcript here), where he said the debate is over and Congress needs to pass the trillion-dollar bill even if they have to use the nuclear option (even though in 2005 Robert Byrd compared reconciliation to Nazi tactics, and Obama, Biden, Hillary, Schumer and other Dems were against it before they were for it as well):


That’s right, Obama can’t have a discussion about health care without having the obligatory “people in white coats” backdrop… again. Even the teleprompters were wearing stethoscopes.

A few months ago the medical profession was full of people who ripped out healthy tonsils for no reason other than greed, and now some of them are providing Obama with a backdrop? Go figure.

Maybe I’m assuming too much, though. These people could be doctors recently assigned to keep Obama away from fried foods, booze and cigarettes. If so, they’re not doing a very good job.

In case you’re wondering, those white coats are handed out by Obama’s White Coat Czar to anybody who’s going to be appearing anywhere near Obama during a speech on health care. Standard issue.

Obama also said that his plan will save at least $2 trillion. Nice to see he’s finally learning to fight off the urge to wildly exaggerate.

But that “savings” is in trophy-wife lingo. You know, those plasticine Malibu airheads who go to Rodeo Drive during the “2% off sale,” drop $150,000 on dresses and shoes they didn’t really need, then go home and brag to their husbands that they saved $3,000. The poor guy doesn’t know what the price of all that savings is until he gets his credit card bill.

That’s the kind of “savings” Obama is talking about. Just wait until the bill comes. The country can no longer afford mall-chick budgeting.

Author: Doug Powers

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