Because When You Think Janet Napolitano, You Think ‘Einstein’


It’s almost impossible not to laugh at the irony of a Napolitano-led Department of Homeland Security — the same one that misplaces their guns, loses computers and unknowingly hires fugitives — calling one of their programs “Einstein,” but that’s what’s being done:

The Obama administration lifted the veil Tuesday on a highly-secretive set of policies to defend the U.S. from cyber attacks.

It was an open secret that the National Security Agency was bolstering a Homeland Security program to detect and respond to cyber attacks on government systems, but a summary of that program declassified Tuesday provides more details of NSA’s role in a Homeland program known as Einstein.

The current version of the program is widely seen as providing meager protection against attack, but a new version being built will be more robust–largely because it’s rooted in NSA technology. The program is designed to look for indicators of cyber attacks by digging into all Internet communications, including the contents of emails, according to the declassified summary.

I think I get it though: Homeland Security is calling the program “Einstein” in the same way you might call a bald guy “Curly” or sarcastically say to somebody who forgot to put on oven mitts before grabbing a 400 degree cookie sheet, “Way to go, Einstein!”

Is anybody else thrilled with the idea of a bunch of people with a history of accidentally posting secrets online for the whole world to see having access to all your emails and account information?

By the way, there is a legitimate connection between the Obama administration and Albert Einstein — but just one. Einstein was a socialist too.

Author: Doug Powers

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