USS John S. McCain Stays True to its Namesake

Holly Graf was the commander of a US Navy cruiser, the USS Cowpens, until she lost her command, reportedly for assaulting members of her crew.

Another allegation is that Graf engaged the Cowpens in a drag race with the USS John S. McCain (sister ship of the USS Feingold). Reports say this allegation is “unsubstantiated,” but not based on this description:

Among allegations not substantiated was one that she endangered the ship while allowing a drag-race between the Cowpens and the destroyer USS John S. McCain in February 2009.

Four witnesses described the 2009 race off of Okinawa, but they differed on how close the two vessels came to each other before the race was halted.

One sailor said that during the race, aimed at boosting morale, the McCain got ahead of the Cowpens and began drifting to the left into the path of the Cowpens. Though the report did not question that the race took place, it said the allegation of “hazarding a vessel” was unsubstantiated.

The McCain started drifting to the left? Ya don’t say. The Navy modeled the ship after its namesake down to every last detail, didn’t they? Impressive.

The drag-race allegedly occurred last summer. Had it taken place in an election year, the McCain would have drifted right — well out of the path of the Cowpens, and we never would have heard about any of this.

Author: Doug Powers

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