Neither Rain, Sleet, Snow or Wife With a Broken Neck Will Keep Harry Reid From His Appointed Rounds of Screwing America

Fortunately the injuries to Reid’s wife and daughter are non life threatening, and I wish them a speedy recovery from what sounds like a nasty accident — but the really bad news comes at the end of the article:

WASHINGTON — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s wife and daughter were hospitalized Thursday after their minivan was rear-ended by tractor-trailer truck on an interstate in suburban Virginia, authorities said.

Reid’s wife, Landra, 69, broke her back and neck in the accident, Reid spokesman Jim Manley said. Mrs. Reid was listed in serious condition at Inova Faifax Hospital in Falls Church, Va., an aide said, but she was not expected to require surgery.

The couple’s daughter, Lana Barringer, 49, was expected to be released from the hospital Thursday night, Reid aides said.

“Mrs. Reid has a broken nose, broken back and broken neck. Lana has a neck injury and facial lacerations.
Manley said the Nevada Democrat went to the hospital after being told of the accident and later returned to Capitol Hill for a meeting with White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on efforts to pass health care legislation.

I beg you, Mr. Reid… stay at the hospital with your family. Please!

Harry must be worried that his family is hospitalized in this lousy health care system we have in America. Maybe that’s why Reid rushed back to work. He’ll have to either get Obamacare passed fast, or move his wife and daughter to a Canadian hospital. Oh wait. Rest assured, Congress and the president will be exempt from what’s best for the rest of us — whatever that is (apparently the bill has to be passed before anybody can know what’s in it).

This is on Harry Reid’s website:

Despite the demands of his career in government, Harry Reid’s family has always been his first priority.

Clearly, ramming it to taxpayers has always been his first priority.

Author: Doug Powers

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