Imagine you’re a House member and you have this dilemma: You want to pass a health care bill that is wildly unpopular, and you know that if you vote for it, you’ll be kicked out of office in November.

The fix? Simple: Pass it without technically voting on it. Voila! The “Slaughter Solution” leaves no fingerprints on the massive power and money grab (especially our fingerprints, because we’re not allowed to see what’s in it).

From the Daily Caller:

Republicans now expect Democrats to pass health care through the House with a trick only Capitol Hill could dream up: approving the Senate bill without voting on it. It’s called the “Slaughter Solution.” (named for Rep. Louise Slaughter)

And after debating House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer on the chamber floor, Minority Whip Eric Cantor emerged convinced that Democrats are going to use the tactic, and that they won’t allow Republicans, and the public, to see the text of any legislation for 72 hours before a vote.
House Democrats have been searching for a way to alleviate members’ concerns that if they vote for the Senate bill and the Senate does nothing to fix it, they will be hung out to dry as having supported a piece of legislation that many across the country dislike, either for spending reasons, or because of special provisions like the extra money for Nebraska’s Medicaid population (the “Cornhusker kickback”).

Technically, using the “Slaughter solution,” they’ll never have voted for the bill they find odious, even if their vote on the reconciliation legislation will have been the vote that passed the Senate bill into law.

Ladies and gentlemen, Washington has set a new record for weasels, worms, slimewads and scumbags. Democrats are so proud of this bill (if there even is one) and it will be so good for America that most of them don’t want their names associated with it? Well count me in!

There is an ongoing overthrow of our (former) Constitutional Republic, and their goal is to have it completed by the time we can get to the polls in November.

The word “treason” is thrown around once in a while, but there’s almost no other way to view what’s going on in Congress with the full support of the White House. This is a coup d’état, with the government overthrowing us.

Here’s a brief video explanation of exactly how the “Slaughter solution” works — or rather how it usurps the Constitution (“The what?” Yeah, I know):

Mark Levin promises to take this to court if it happens:

If a court ruling were to overturn the Slaughter solution, look for the House to simply pass the “Nuh uh! Didn’t hear it! LA LA LA LA!” rule and keep doing whatever they want anyway.

Let’s start calling this coming November elections the “Slaughter Solution,” shall we? Two can play this game.


2 Responses to “How About a ‘Slaughter Solution’ at the Polls in November?”

  1. archer52 on March 13th, 2010 2:53 am

    From my book-

    Crawford grunted as he twisted around a large rock
    overhanging a steep bend in the path James was following down
    the mountainside. Crawford had to catch himself when he almost
    lost his balance. Calvin must be part mountain goat, he said to
    himself as he struggled to keep from falling. As he concentrated
    on keeping up with his broad-backed friend, Crawford’s mind
    again wandered back over the last several years. People were
    tired. They were tired of the war on terror, the stock market
    instability and the recession. All they wanted was someone to
    come along and take care of everything for them; and Tyler
    Fontaine had been just the guy for the job. Now into his sixth
    year as President, Fontaine had managed to make a number
    of significant changes in the country. He and his Democratic
    allies enacted dozens of new pieces of legislation targeting what
    was historically considered off limits. They attempted to control
    everything from people’s finances to their personal behavior, all
    promoted as doing what was best for the nation. It was good
    news for the lefties in America, but for most of fly-over country,
    the changes were signs of a failing dream. Socialism was here,
    and as long as Fontaine was in office, it was here to stay.

    I wrote the original draft in 1997 after Clinton won his second term. "What would it take?", I asked myself. What would it take to make this nation fall to its knees and be willing to submit to a take over by a rogue President. How scared? How hungry? How ignorant? How manipulated? How greedy and selfish?

    If the democrats get what they want, we'll be at that tipping point with two choices- To submit and become nothing more than drones. To fight back and return our nation to its core principles. (Good luck with that. Since the big government corruption infects BOTH parties.)

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