Reconciliation Mania: White House Considers Talks With Taliban

The White House is pushing “reconciliation” as a way to ram the health care sham through the Senate, and now they’re considering reconciling with the Taliban.

I’d be optimistic for progress if it weren’t for thousands of years of history working against this notion:

President Obama met with his war cabinet on Friday, and the issue of reconciling with the Taliban is gaining traction, even as administration officials debate whether the time is right.
“It is now more a question of ‘when’ than a question of ‘if,’ ” the administration official said, when asked about the idea of reconciliation talks with senior Taliban officials.

Another official, who like the senior administration official spoke on condition of anonymity because internal administration discussions were still at an early stage, said, “There’s been a lot of energy applied to the reconciliation issue in the last few weeks.”

But both officials added that, for now, there are no plans for reaching out soon to high-ranking Taliban leaders. That effort, they said, is likely to wait until after the United States takes on Taliban insurgents in Kandahar in what is expected to be the next major military offensive in Afghanistan.

So, in essence, we can’t engage in talks with the Taliban until more Taliban are wiped out. Sounds good. If they’re all wiped out, it’ll be the most peaceful peace talks ever.

Here’s a little preview of how President Obama’s attempt to reconcile with the Taliban might go — with Gene Wilder playing the part of Obama:

Author: Doug Powers

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