Paging Keith Olbermann: ‘Coffee Partiers’ Make ‘Tea Partiers’ Look Like the Harlem Globetrotters


The Coffee Party movement, if you can call it that, is the left-of-center, Obamaniacle reaction to the successful Tea Party movement.

Yesterday in America, many “Coffee Parties” were held around the country, which, judging from the photos, attracted an average of only a couple dozen attendees (can we call them “beanbaggers”?) each.

Coffee Party organizers called the event a “huge success.” Well, if their goal was to gather enough people to fill a Port-o-San, I guess it was.

The likes of Keith Olbermann, Bill Maher, Janeane Garofalo and other pasty, whiffle-brained dingbats castigate the Tea Party movement as being nothing more than an all-white racist whine-fest featuring a bunch of crackers who just can’t stand the fact that a black guy has been elected president. There are actually many minorities involved in the Tea Party movement, but why bother the left with the facts?

Go through the large photo album from yesterday’s Coffee Parties. Say what you want, libs, but there’s an awful lot of cream in that coffee.

The white people gathered in Idaho to eliminate “red state vs. blue state”:


The white people gathered in New Jersey to demand civil conversation (which is a lot easier when you have so few people conversing):


The white people gathered in Nebraska to demand… um… a refill on their coffee!


The white people gathered in Kentucky to… to… figure out what to demand from the government and see what’s on TV:


The white people gathered in Florida to demand vigilance in taxing the ecology to pay for health care, or… something like that:


The white people gathered in Illinois to demand civility and to test the architectural integrity of the floor joists:


Etu, California?


Actually, I spotted a handful of non-caucasians at four or five of the 34 gatherings there are photos of, but using the same Olbermann/Garofalo sliding scale that is used to measure racism at Tea Parties, the Coffee Partiers might as well have been wearing white hoods and burning crosses.

Frankly it’s encouraging that rallies to grow the size of government drew such a small number of people who want to strap on the public trough feedbag, but still, when will Keith Olbermann make the Coffee Parties the “Worst Person in the World” for being nearly completely devoid of minorities?

On a moonbattier note, Allahpundit has many quotes from Coffee Party attendees. Here’s my personal favorite:

“‘To me, government is the answer. I’m really sort of perplexed,’ said a man named Joe who said he had been a teacher for 44 years…

A teacher? Now it’s all making sense.

Update: Thanks to Another Black Conservative for the link.

Author: Doug Powers

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