For the First Time in Her Adult Life, Michelle Obama Would Have Been Proud to Punch ‘Obama Girl’ in the Face


Obama Girl, who was two of Barack Obama’s greatest public relations assets during the 2008 campaign if you ask me, has revealed that certain members of Barack’s inner-circle didn’t really appreciate her tireless efforts.

Is this any way to treat somebody who helped put you in the White House?

Amber Lee Ettinger (aka “Obama Girl”) made news with her “I’ve got a crush on Obama” videos during the campaign — and with her subsequent grade for Obama’s first year: B minus.

As she tells the POLITICO Podcast, her time in the media spotlight has yielded some strange moments. “I was at the [Democratic National Convention] at a party, and a woman walked up to me. She’s making kind of this weird face at me. … She’s like, ‘You know, I work for Michelle, and if Michelle knew I was here talking to you, she’d want me to punch you in the face.’”

There goes the next Nobel Peace Prize winner.

(h/t Weasel Zippers)

Author: Doug Powers

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