If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Redistrict ‘Em!


Are you ready for some more gerrymandering, Chicago style?

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet:

The Democratic Party is poised to launch a historically expensive campaign to keep control of state legislatures in anticipation that lawmakers in those chambers will play a crucial role in redrawing the federal electoral map in 2011.

In a memo sent to Democratic leaders and activists on Monday, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee’s Executive Director Michael Sargeant highlighted 15 key battlegrounds for the 2010 election and called for the establishment of a $20 million “Redistricting Fund” to help the party win those races.

“The DLCC is determined to run the largest democratic redistricting mobilization in history this year to ensure that our state legislative candidates have the resources needed to win against well-­heeled Republican special interests,” according to the memo, which was passed by a Democratic source to the Huffington Post.

“To ensure that the Democrat Party has a chance to survive against the will of the voters” is a better way to put it.

Fortunately, it’s the Census to the rescue:

Following the census results in 2010, each state will reevaluate and potentially redraw its congressional map in early 2011.

Thanks God ACORN’s one of the US Census Bureau’s “partner groups” — you know, just to keep things fair.

Author: Doug Powers

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