The macabre manner with which the Democrats are pitching Obamacare by figuratively lugging around dead people has been like watching “Weekend at Bernie’s” every day for a year. Every available corpse is shamelessly being dug up and thrown in front of America as “evidence” that we need a government takeover of health care.

To listen to Obama, Pelosi and Reid, you’d think that fully insured people never die, but now Obama is using his dead mother to pitch his health care takeover.

Obama’s full time job has gone from being president, to an undertaker:

In an email message to supporters, President Barack Obama used his dying mother’s experience with insurance companies as an example of why lawmakers should pass the health care reform plan in Congress.

“She died of cancer, and in the last six months of her life, I saw her on the phone in her hospital room arguing with insurance companies instead of focusing on getting well and spending time with her family,” Obama wrote in the email.

Yeah, the government should take over, because nobody has ever spent time arguing with the government about endless bureaucracy, rising costs and denied claims (government is the biggest denier of health claims, not private insurers).

Surprisingly, Obama didn’t say his mother was buried in an Obama t-shirt. I’m sure somebody’s working on that as we speak.

If Obama would like to have a debate about how many people have died because of a lack of health insurance vs. how many people have died due to over-grown, out-of-control governments wielding unchecked power, I’m game.


3 Responses to “Weekend at Barack’s Dead Mother’s”

  1. Joyanna Adams on March 18th, 2010 4:43 pm

    What's incredible about Obama's stupid statements on his mother is that everyone in the world is going.."Well..why didn't YOU her rich son…take care of her bills, have her moved into the White house, or hired personal nurses to take care of her?

    Which shows, in one full statement, not only how selfish, mean, and petty he is for not helping his poor mother, but how lost he is for thinking we buy his lame "examples."

  2. Rick on March 18th, 2010 3:33 pm

    It appears we are in for a ‘Weekend at Nancy’s’. Hopefully it will be clips of her dragging the carcass of “HealthScam” around Congress, ending in burial for both.

    Debate? We ain’t got no debate.We don’t need no stinkin’ debate.

    Keep after ‘em…call,email and cuss.They work for us! This Bill must be ended.

  3. Nanny on March 18th, 2010 10:07 pm

    My father, God love him, passed away five years ago from cancer. From diagnosis, to a brief attempt at chemo till the time he died was exactly four months. He was covered by Medicare and BC/BS. Every bill was paid, every scrip was filled, every doctor's appt. covered. There were no arguements with the insurance, no denials from the insurance. He still died. I do not get the liberals arguements. My parents were not wealthy. SS and small pensions. He got the excellent care that was needed from everyone. He was a staunch Republican.

    My mother had quad bypass and valve replacement later that year. Same thing – excellent care, no denials, bills paid. She still has her house and lives on SS only. My mother is 79 and she is going to die some time but it won't be because of health care or insurance. She is a rabid Democrat.

    This is the biggest fraud ever shoved down our throats.

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