Pelosi Prays to St. Joseph, Patron Saint of Fighting Communism (pause for laughter)

Nothing is surprising anymore, but some things never cease to be amazing.

With the House closing in on securing enough bribes… er, I mean votes… to pass Obamacare, Stretch Pelosi prayed to St. Joseph to help her pass Obamacare. Joseph, you see, is the Patron Saint of Workers.

Yes, Nancy, but that’s only part of the story. Does Pelosi know what else Joseph is the Patron Saint of? Try not to laugh:

Pope Pius IX proclaimed him the patron of the Universal Church on December 8, 1870. Joseph is the unofficial patron against doubt and hesitation, as well as the patron saint of fighting communism, and of a happy death.

Watch in amazement, and do indeed pray that St. Joseph finds strength to help fight communism as the health care bill nears a vote this weekend. As far as the subject of a “happy death” goes, don’t bother St. Joseph with that one — the Dems probably already have that part figured out:

The fact that lightning didn’t strike right then and there frankly makes me call my religious beliefs into question.

Pelosi praying to the Patron Saint of Fighting Communism is like a mosquito praying to the Patron Saint of Bug Zappers.

(h/t Real Clear Politics)

Author: Doug Powers

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